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Le SRA propose à ses membres de les auditer tous les ans.

Le questionnaire couvre le domaines des achats, de l'implication sociale et du respect de l'environnement... avec factures à l'appui. Son analyse est suivie par une liste de préconisations d'améliorations.

Ci dessous la synthèse des conclusions de l'Audit des Orangeries

~~~Sustainable Restaurant Association Sustainability Rating Les Orangeries –

Three Star Sustainability Champion Les Orangeries achieved an overall score of 86 % and results for the three key sustainability areas were:




Les Orangeries’ overall score across the SRA Sustainability Rating was exceptional. The restaurant achieved very highly in the Ethical Meat & Dairy section due to sourcing from producers adhering to high animal welfare standards. Very good results were also observed in Local and Seasonal as well as Fairtrade due to purchasing produce from French and local farm, as well as ensuring high standards fair trade criteria are met by the imported products use din the restaurant. Les Orangeries showed some excellent practices in the Society pillar through taking care of staff, supporting charities and working with schools to provide students with essential knowledge and skills surrounding cooking and sustainability. Each of these are commended by The SRA. Les Orangeries also demonstrated some very good initiatives in Environment. The SRA commends the restaurant for managing resources in an efficient and sustainable manner, and also the efforts taken to encourage staff and suppliers to minimise the impact on the environment.http://www.thesra.org/wp-content/uploads/2012/10/SRA-Sustainability-Rating-2013-One-Page-Summary-Les-Orangeries.pdf

3 star rating

3 star rating

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