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Publié par Hotel les Orangeries

The first French EU Eco-labelled hotel participated to the European mobility week

Within the framework of its environmental policy, Hotel Les Orangeries***, the first EU Eco-labelled French hotel, participated to the European Mobility Week, from September 16th to 22nd.
This participation consisted in 3 concrete measures, all aiming at reducing the environmental impacts of transport:

·                       In partnership with the company Veloscoot, Hotel les Orangeries acquired 3 electric bicycles, enabling its customers to discover the region in a quiet and less polluting manner. Moreover, during the Mobility Week, clients arriving by train to Lussac-les-Chateaux, where the hotel is located, were offered free picking up of their luggage at the train station and special refreshments and food at their arrival to the hotel.

·                       A special menu, called Terroir Eco-Fret, where all food are produced and processed maximum 60 km away from the hotel, was specifically created to help reduce the environmental impacts due to food transport. Also most of these delicious vegetables, lamb, honey, eggs, wine and other goat cheeses were organic.

·                       The third action, targeting professional clients coming to the hotel for a seminar, consisted in the setting up of a car-sharing system. By means of a blog created on the hotel web site, participants are informed of the location of the different car parks where they can meet to share a car.


 Hôtel Les Orangeries
 12 Avenue du Docteur Dupont
 86320, Lussac-Les-Châteaux
 +33 (0)5 49 84 07 07


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