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First hotels awarded the Flower in France and Czech Republic, high interest in Ireland  

Huge media interest for the 1st EU Eco-labelled hotel in France  

On 29th May, Mrs Athina Koutroumani from the European Commission and Mr Jacques Belin, director of AFAQ AFNOR Certification, officially awarded the Flower to Hotel Les Orangeries, the first tourist accommodation to obtain this certification in France.

Located in Poitou-Charentes in a XVIII century mansion, Hotel Les Orangeries started a ‘green’ renovation as early as 1999, following the criteria of the EU Eco-label: green building, green electricity, use of EU eco-labelled detergents, limitation of water and energy consumption, etc.

This approach has been filmed since 1999 by 2 journalists, Benoit Théau and Didier Lanquetin, and a DVD is now available on http://www.igapura.org/ and http://www.enviro-strategies.fr/.

The award was announced during the evening news programme on French TV channel TF1, which gets the highest audience ratings in France. The report can be seen here.

More information on http://www.lesorangeries.com/






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